X's Required Mods Finder

This tool was last updated 6 june 2018, when all mods that had at least 500 subscribers at that date were added or updated.

Step 1: Load blueprint

Select blueprint:

You can find downloaded blueprints in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\387990, and your own blueprints in %appdata%\Axolot Gaming\Scrap Mechanic\User\User_...\Blueprints.

Step 2: Get the mods!

A list of required mods will show up here when you load a blueprint.

What is this?

X's Required Mods Finder (XRMF) is a small web-based service for checking the mods that you need to load a blueprints. It knows all the blocks and parts of more than 200 popular mods, adding up to about 5500 blocks in total.

XRFM is also integrated in Brent Batch's Blueprint tool.